Our Story

Abington Faire is a premium home goods company that aims to provide unique and quality products that inspire you to love yourself and love your home. 

Abington Faire was originally started under our sub-brand name, WaxForged, which makes unique 2D and 3D wax melts. WaxForged saw that the candle market was largely stagnant and only offered traditional candles in glass jars and simple wax melt cubes. By making wax melts and candles into new and beautiful shapes, we  believe we can transform the candle industry into something more that just a jar and wax. Our slogan is “Molding Candle Craftsmanship”.

Waxforged was inspired to expand into other areas based on the interests of friends and family around them. Waxforged then became Abington Faire and hopes to be a marketplace for goods that evoke feelings of comfort, happiness, and inspiration. Wax forged continues to be a brand of Abington Faire. Canny Decor was a brand created for home and kitchen goods including cutting boards, coasters, and drinkware. Abington Faire looks forward to continuing their expansion into new and exciting avenues.