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Abington Faire™

Chill Vibes 20 oz Tumbler

Chill Vibes 20 oz Tumbler

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Grab a tumbler to match your vibe.

The World can be crazy, high paced, and full of anxiety. But that's not you. You are mellow and you identify as chill. Nothing can harsh your vibe which is why this tumbler design and the muted colors are ideal for your chill vibe.

All tumblers are hand made so the design may vary slightly from the picture. All designs are unique and created by Abington Faire. Each tumbler comes with a closable lid and metal and plastic straw. All tumblers are hand wash only **not dishwasher and microwave friendly**

Tumbler Material: Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions: D3" x 8.5"

Product Weight: 14 oz