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Maple 3 Board Bundle - Small, Medium, and Large

Maple 3 Board Bundle - Small, Medium, and Large

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Make meal prep a breeze with the Maple 3 board bundle - the perfect cutting board trio for chopping, slicing, and dicing! This set includes small, medium, and large maple wood boards, each finished with food-safe mineral oil and wax.

  • 3 premium maple wood cutting boards - small, medium, and large sizes for versatility
  • Smooth, durable maple construction that's gentle on knives
  • Finished with food-safe mineral oil and wax
  • Grooved edges catch juices and crumbs for easy cleanup
  • Naturally antimicrobial wood material
  • Includes a jar of food safe wood conditioner for cutting board maintenance

With three sizes to choose from, you'll have the right board handy for any recipe. The small 6.25" x 9.5" size is great for chopping herbs and garlic. The medium 9" x 12" board tackles most everyday tasks like slicing veggies. And the large 10" x 16" size can handle even the biggest roasts or whole chickens.

Home cooks love these boards because they make prep work easier and look beautiful on the counter. The maple wood is naturally antimicrobial, so you can be confident your boards stay clean and hygienic. Durable and knife-friendly, these boards will provide years of reliable service. Make mealtimes more enjoyable with this handsome and handy maple cutting board bundle!

All boards are made to order. Standard processing time is 5-7 business days